OmniaCare International

OmniaCare International builds on the wealth of entrepreneurial experience gained by its founding partners in the Middle East. More than a decade of experience working closely with the market, economy and culture of the Middle East has allowed us to build a partnership with companies and government bodies in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Italian Excellence,
International Vocation.

Point of reference for the Middle East

OmniaCare International is a point of reference in the Middle East, for companies and professionals who wish to use the prestige of the best Italian expertise to expand and bring added value to their business.


For those Italian companies and professionals who wish to embark on a path of international growth and development in a highly competitive market, we offer the guarantee of a great business opportunity, guiding clients and purchasers through the process of bringing their goods and services to an international market.

Middle Eastern economy and
Italian Professionalism:
A Virtuous circle.
Our Mission:
to bring Italian Excellence
to the service of the
Middle Eastern MArket.

To satisfy our clients’ expectations through the quality and reliability of the services we offer, taking care of our staff to motivate them and allow them to give their very best.

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  • The strength of Indiviaduals working toghether

    The sectors in which we operate are closely related to each other. Our strength lies in responding to the needs of our clients, integrating all our resources to achieve a single goal.

  • We care about our Team

    Every individual who works with and for us enjoys full contractual and insurance coverage, as well as a range of services to guarantee a well-organized stay in the destination country, in the greatest security and in full respect of the needs of every professional.

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